Chris T-T – Love Is Not Rescue

Album Sleeve

This is Chris T-T’s seventh studio album, so will it finally catapult him into the mainstream?

Well, probably not. But then you get the feeling that that was never the point, anyway. Love Is Not Rescue is an extremely intimate record in which Chris writes about love and loss, career choices and personal mistakes and the result is a mesmerising and beautiful album.

On opener and first single, ‘Nintendo’ he sings over a gentle piano ‘Write it down before you burst.’ And it’s that sentiment; to treat writing as therapy, which could have been the blueprint for this entire record, which at times feels so private; it’s almost as if you’re reading somebody’s diary. Never more so than on ‘Tall Woman’, another tender piano based song, that documents the passing of an elderly loved one. Summing up the mixed emotions, he sings in a heartbreakingly earnest voice ‘Five days from the end of her life / Guilt and relief share my head.’

Despite the delicate subject matter of this record however, Chris has lost none of the charm and wit that we’ve come to expect from him and on ‘Stop Listening’, a song that deals chiefly with dissecting his career to date, he sings ‘A decade of defeat / Missed penalties, yellow cards / And now I’m doing football metaphors / I fucking hate football metaphors.’ Once again demonstrating his ability to be self depreciating yet remain facetious enough to be amusing at the same time.

So then, if his seventh album finds him in a more emotional, reflective frame of mind than ever before, it does nothing to hinder his reputation as one of Britain’s most criminally underrated talents. Just don’t expect to see him headlining Wembley Stadium this summer.


Written for The Ark (London)

For more information on Chris T-T visit
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