My name is David.
I like music, ginger girls and sugary foodstuffs… in that order.
Sometimes I write things (badly) for a few different music websites and magazines.
Sometimes I write things (equally badly) for no good reason other than that I feel like it.

You can read these things here, using your eyes.

This isn’t strictly a music blog because, for the moment anyway, I intend to write about other stuff I like too – including, but not exclusively, ginger girls and sugary foodstuffs –but in all honesty the likely hood of me actually being arsed to write about anything besides music is small… very small. <Insert penis joke here.>

I will put all of my reviews and other pieces on here (with links to the site that they were written for) and also all of the other stuff that isn’t written for anyone in particular.

So if you like music – or even if you don’t like music but you do enjoy bad writing, littered with spelling mistakes and poor grammar – then feel free to subscribe and read all of the bollocks that I post here.

Cheers and all that,

D x

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