Meet Bim


“We sound like rain and love and London” says Rebecca Rosier, vocalist and one half of the ever-so-wonderful Lo-fi, electro outfit, Bim. And it would be difficult to argue with her, for Bim seem to have a gift for mixing hope and despair, happy and sad, joy and pain – but somehow always finishing with beautiful results. They have an uncanny knack for summing up the confusing and bewildering human emotions in the simplest of ways over a bed of dreamy, lush electro sounds. ‘I know that life goes up and down / But I’ve been down over and over again’ they sing on ‘Call It A Monday’, a mesmerising slice of atmospheric pop from their debut EP.

Bim began back when “baggy jeans were ‘in’ and iPods were so big they didn’t fit in pockets” when the slightly whimsical Rebecca met composer, multi instrumentalist and producer, Tim Davis, at a Million Dead concert. The two spent an evening drinking tea and “geeking out over our favourite music.” and if you are wondering what their favourite music is, well the list is as long as you’re arm – if you have freakishly long arms, that is. Ask them who their influences are and they will give honorable mentions to everyone from Bjork and Enya to Madonna and Britney to The Pixies and Regina Spektor and just about everyone in between. In fact, it is something of a wonder that they managed to get that conversation out of the way in just the one evening!

The advantage in having such a diverse taste in music though, is that when it comes to making music yourself, you have a wealth of different sounds and directions to explore. Supplement this with Tim’s natural talent as a songsmith and Rebecca’s angelic vocals and Bim are fully equipped to take on the world. Already reaching the dizzy heights of number 6 on the iTunes electro chart and having a video for their song ‘Stay In My Memory’ as a feature on youtube, you cannot help but feel there are exciting times ahead for them. With one self produced EP already to their name and an album not very far away, it is clear that they are fully prepared to put in the hard work, too. “We’re really hands-on” explains Rebecca, “writing and producing and promoting everything ourselves. It’s going to be fun to get out there with the new material.”

Having recently recruited a live band, ‘getting out there with the new material’ is something that they are wasting no time in doing. The gigs are beginning to rack up, the fan base is increasing and the excitement is building. Bim, however, are keeping their feet firmly on the ground. There are no dreams of headlining Glastonbury or having Bono over for tea (or at least if there are, they are keeping them to themselves).
“The big goal is to be able to live off the music, to have the space to dedicate all of our time on it.” So rather pleasingly, it’s all about the music for Bim, then.
And if atmospheric, Lo-fi, electro music with glorious vocals and soaring harmonies is what you are all about – or even if it isn’t – then you could do a lot worse than these guys.

Written for The Ark (London)
You can explore the wonderful world of Bim here;

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