Peggy Sue – Fossils And Other Phantoms



Album Sleeve

Peggy Sue’s debut album follows on from a collection of limited edition EP’s, but having signed with Wichita Records late last year, they finally deliver an album proper. Opener ‘Long Division Blues’ could almost be three completely different songs, smoothly welded together. It starts slow and simple before exploding into life and working its way neatly through three different melodies before coming to a frenzied end – all within 4 minutes. It’s a remarkable start that sets the standard for what is to follow.

The most striking thing about this record is the stunning harmonies that really bring these songs to life. Seldom have two different vocals complimented each other as perfectly as Rosa Slade and Katy Young’s do. So much so in fact, that when they get it right, which they frequently do, the good moments on this record are elevated into great moments, and the great moments into glorious ones. On ‘Watchman’ – the first single to be lifted from this record – for example, the two simultaneously wail ‘I only came here to see you see me / I only came to watch you watch me leave’ It is a stand out moment from a stand out track, a song which is a pulsating ode to a lying lover. There are, however, one or two less remarkable songs here; the plodding ‘Green Grow The Rushes’ is one such example. It’s not an inherently bad song but when sat along side the other songs here, it feels a little underwhelming, which is perhaps testament to how good this album is, rather than a staunch criticism. As diverse as it is mesmerising, Fossils And Other Phantoms is an exceptional debut album. 2010 is shaping up to be a massive year for Peggy Sue.


Written for The Ark (London)


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