Robinson – England’s Bleeding

Album Sleeve

Having spent an awful long time relentlessly playing show after show in our Country’s capital, 24 year old multi-instrumentalist, Andy Robinson delivers his debut album to the world. Drawing influences from everyone from The Beatles to Nick Drake to Ottis Reading, he has created a musical landscape both vast and beautiful on which to tell his tales of life in Modern England.

The album opens with ‘Forget About It All’ a mostly acoustic song about the depressing struggle of doing a mundane job and the desire to… well, forget about it all. Something I’m sure a great many of us can relate to easily enough.

Lead single and title track ‘England’s Bleeding’ is a wonderful piece of social commentary. Andy is clearly disillusioned with some aspects of England today as he sings ‘Our children are pregnant and drunk… and Johnny Rotten who sang of anarchy – is nothing but a sold out punk’ a sentiment surely shared by even the most avid of butter fans.
Despite his undoubted competence when it comes to writing songs and wry, witty lyrics – he is frequently compared to Billy Bragg and the like – it’s Andy’s often overlooked vocal talent that really shines on this record; the man has an amazing voice.

Never is this more apparent than on ‘That’s All That I Really Want’, a song that must surely be a future single. It sounds like a long lost relative of some of The Beatles’ more acoustic moments and when you couple that with an undeniable melody and the astounding vocals exhibited here, it has ‘hit’ written all over it.

So it seems that England may well be bleeding, but in Robinson, it has something worth sticking around for.


Written for The Ark (London)

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