The Good Gods! – F.T.E.P – Review

In hard economic times like these, when you hear the word ‘recession’ on your radio more often than you hear the latest Kings Of Leon enormo-chorus and the term ‘double dip’ means something more than an ambitious sexual manoeuvre, you do not get much for free.

Odd then, that The Good Gods! have decided to give their F.T.E.P – an EP home-made and packaged using pages of the Financial Times – away for absolutely nothing.
Odder still, perhaps, that they really should be charging for tunes like this.

Their sound is a strange mixture of angular guitars and often spoken vocals – somewhere between Pulp and The Divine Comedy. It may all seem slightly bizarre but it works wonderfully well on these 4 tracks.

Opener ‘Heavy Heart’ is probably the catchiest song on the record, driven by impressive percussion and a jangly little guitar riff that dances lightly along. It is essentially a well constructed, bouncy pop song that could easily have held it’s own amongst the Brit-Pop records of the mid ’90s. The rather serious subject matter doesn’t dampen the spirits because it is conveyed with more than a hint of humour ‘There’s no need for crying / Unhappiness does not exist / It’s a just a state of mind… I’m in.’

It is almost a blueprint for what is to follow in as much as they have a gift for writing about fairly straight faced or mundane subjects with enough humour and wit to raise a smile.

‘Lying On Our Bright Red Backs’ has been chosen as a single and it is not too difficult to see why as it is a clear highlight. It is a slow burner that evolves nicely into a frantic climax. Again they display their knack for light hearted lyrics as Tom Hatred sings over a gentle bass line ‘Life can mean all kinds of things / Plants and trees, birds with wings / I hope mine’s good, but I bet it’s not / Because misery likes company and I’m just her sort.’
I cannot pay the song any higher compliment than to say that it would sit very comfortably on The Divine Comedy‘s Fin de Siecle album.

‘Shut Up Tom (Just Fucking Run)’ is as amusing as the title suggests. It could have been plucked straight from 1996 such is it’s similarity to some of the great Brit-Pop songs of that time – think Blur, Suede, Sleeper and of course Pulp.

However they save their biggest ‘Pulp moment’ until last with an incredibly well imagined version of Robert Palmer‘s ‘Addictive To Love’ that just sounds as if Jarvis Cocker himself has worked on it.
It is both charming and amusing and it wraps up a hugely enjoyable EP perfectly.

So if you like your music to be both free (legally) and completely fucking brilliant, then head over to their official website and get yourself a copy of this EP.
Good God! you would be mad not to.

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