The Ocean’s Eyes – Lions [EP] – Review

Call it Pop-Punk, call it Emo, call it whatever you like – it’s not important anyway. The fact is that a few years back bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and Paramore brought their brand of music over the Atlantic and they were – and still are – hugely successful here in Britain.
Those bands were inspired by the likes of The Starting Line, Texas Is The Reason and Hidden In Plain View who helped pave the way for them.

What the keen minded among you will probably have noticed is that all of those bands are American. Britain just doesn’t turn out many successful bands in this area of music. Sure we have a few – the likes of You Me At Six, Funeral For A Friend and Kids In Glass Houses have all flown the flag well but they are definitely sailing in waters dominated by the USA.

Well now we have a fresh-faced, energetic bunch of London boys willing to have their go at representing Britain. The Ocean’s Eyes have just released their debut EP Lions – and it is really very good.

Opener ‘Scream Your Name’ is a powerful anthem very much in the vain of The Starting Line. Frontman Luke McInroy’s vocal is immaculate and it becomes apparent that these boys mean business.
‘Overcast’ and ‘A Long Time Coming’ are equally catchy with enormo-choruses and distorted power chords giving punch wherever needed. Fans of the subtle backing vocals used in the first two My Chemical Romance records will enjoy the snappy way that Mitch Wright employs his vocal chords on these tracks – especially on ‘Overcast.’

The EP is wrapped up with a cover of ‘Replay’ by Iyaz which would not be out of place on one of the ‘Punk Goes…’ collections and underlines exactly what makes this whole record – and this band – so enjoyable; Fun.
There is a real sense of fun that shines through on this record. The tracks here may well be indebted to all of the bands mentioned here (and one or two besides) and it might not be the most original record you’ll ever hear but if you like your songs full of energy, punch and, above all, fun – the The Ocean’s Eyes are exactly what you need.

The Lions EP is available now and considering the digital version is free, you really would only be letting yourself down if you didn’t give it a listen. You can get download links from their Facebook page which is here.

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