VVolves – Wolves [EP]

The youthful exuberance of VVolves is incredibly hard to suppress and on the basis of this 4-track Wolves EP, will only get harder to do so. Hailing from Wales, the 4-piece have been together only a few months, yet write electro-indie songs that Bloc Party would have been proud of.

The EP was recorded and produced entirely themselves and the DIY approach pays dividends, leaving the songs to flourish in a collision of synths and soaring guitars. Opening with a buzz and clatter, before ‘Birds In Berlin’ bursts into life with a riff that is incredibly hard to do anything other than move to – if you haven’t already jumped up and started dancing. The relentless energy doesn’t let up throughout, sounding very much like Joy Division on a sugar rush.

The baritone-opening vocal on second track ‘Sailing From Youth’ sets up for a slower song, a much needed respite from the opener. Driven by synth-strings and gritty bass this would be at home on a White Lies record. It isn’t long until the song builds and breaks into a soaring, anthemic ending.

The second half of the EP features ‘Wolves’ and ‘Vogue’, both originally made available at the end of 2010 – and it is quite surprising how far away they are from the danceable indie tracks that opened proceedings.
‘Wolves’ has an almost math-rock feel to the stop start guitars while the talkbox vocals give the track a scruffy-electro feel.

The final track ‘Vogue’ is hard to distinguish. It starts as a rather annoying repetition of the word, while guitars and synths fuzz around it. Halfway through the track the word is then spelt out before exiting on a collision of distortion, bleeps and synths. It’s inclusion on the EP does feel rather like it is making up the numbers.

Being their first EP proper, VVolves will find themselves fighting between the industrial electro that litters the second half and the soaring, addictive melodies that entice you in. Bearing a sound that was lapped up a few years ago, this Welsh outfit are making the right noises to make people listen again.

-Scott Kerr

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