My Best Fiend – Jesus Christ [EP]

My Best Fiend
deals in epic. They carve out their songs to draw you in, build you up and then fling you off of the top of a mountain you didn’t even realise you had climbed.
That, however, is not to say they would actually throw you off a mountain –or that the experience is anything other than enjoyable.
Based in Brooklyn, NY, the five-piece navigate through their 3-song EP with assured confidence.

Taking the current, seemingly endless 90’s revival in a completely different direction, the opener ‘Cracking Eggs’ takes cues from the trance-rock of Spiritualized – whilst building into a chaotic swell of noise. The lazy guitars and piano motifs are repeated until they build into a euphoric collision of distorted guitars and pounding drums.

The second – and shortest – song is the laidback title track ‘Jesus Christ’. Although threatening to develop into a similar ending to the opener, here they reel it in – instead adding lush harmonies to the minimalist, ebbing flow of the song. With Velvet Underground influences rife throughout, there is a pleasant charm to the calmest of the three tracks.

The final track is a monster 7:43 long, which finds itself in an intense battle – willing to hold back – yet bursting at the seams to explode. The turning point, after the gentle opening, starts at the lyrics, ‘today you can borrow/but tomorrow you gotta pay’ that chants as feedback beckons the song to fuse and take off – which it subsequently does. Once sufficiently brought to the boil, the song slowly peters out, gently bringing it down to a piano, guitar and fuzzing distortion to a close.

Bridging the gap between soaring distorted guitars and the hypnotic melodies that prelude, My Best Fiend are not to be listened to once and discarded.
Based on this effort there is much more to come from the Brooklyn outfit.
The Jesus Christ EP is available now and is absolutely free in any digital form you could possibly imagine below.

-Scott Kerr

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One Response to My Best Fiend – Jesus Christ [EP]

  1. Katie Dagger says:

    i loved the opening sentence! awesome review x

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