Ornament – Elephant [Review & Interview]

Like most people in the world, I like free music.
I like it even more when the music in question is of the standard that you would gladly pay good money for.

Step forward Ornament, who are giving away their excellent new single Elephant absolutely free.

Lead track ‘Elephant’ sounds like Death Cab for Cutie at their melancholic best as Chris Knott neatly sums up his heartache by crooning over piano chords and gently picked guitar ‘Horizontal is where I am happiest now’ .
The track builds nicely into a lush, delicate outro that sees Knott remind us ‘I never forget’
It is an understated, heartbreaking and utterly gorgeous track.

In contrast second track ‘Spins’, whilst for the most part is similarly delicate, eventually mutates into a fast paced, distorted monster – albeit an elegant kind of monster – and demonstrates that Ornament have a huge range to their talents.

The only problem with Elephant then, is that there is so much beauty within these two tracks that you do not want it to end.
Let’s hope that they do not make us wait too long for the follow up.

-David Tinkler

You can download Elephant here

Chris Knott of Ornament was kind enough to have a little chat with us.

How did Ornament come about?
I initially wanted to start the band as an outlet for the songs I was writing that weren’t suitable for the other projects I’m involved in… Uni kind of kick started it as I needed to write and produce some songs for that. So Tony and I got writing and producing and out came Elephant!

You’re also part of Freeze The Atlantic and Twelve Titans – both pretty different from this project – what influenced you down this route?
Well I love bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Sigur Ros and the late great Oceansize, so I took the love for these bands and tried to amalgamate their sounds and flavours into one band….
I have always written songs that haven’t been used by any of my bands and they normally have this kind of feel.

With a few different projects going on at once, where the hell do you find so much time to write such brilliant tunes?
Why thank you! I don’t know really. Twelve Titans and Freeze The Atlantic are such collaborative bands its not really me coming in telling them what to do (far from it in fact). I have my place in those bands, so it’s not overly taxing or time consuming writing with them.
With Ornament it’s an opportunity for me to dictate the style of music completely really. Tony does have his say in writing, he arranges a wee bit, but I write the majority of the songs. I’m not really sure where I find the time, I just write a lot and when things come out sounding more Ornament than anything else, that’s what it becomes!

Can we expect any live shows in the near future?
As far as live shows go, we’re not sure. With it being me writing most of it…
I know plenty of good musicians I could pull together (Sam and Dot from TT played on the recordings for this stuff) for some shows – which will inevitably happen at some point. I’m lucky to know so many great musicians really. Tony is also a guitarist so we have options.

If you were to be an ornament in another life, what would it be?
Hmmmm, I really don’t know. Because it’s our single… I’ll go with an Elephant.

The Freeze The Atlantic EP is out in April, but will we be seeing any new Ornament material out soon?
FTA EP is out 18th of April to be precise!
Well I have a few more ideas knocking about and with the single ‘Elephant’ doing quite well, and getting a positive response it has encouraged me to get back in the studio and work on a new EP. But we’ll see. Ornament is on more of a slow burner at the moment.

You’re currently giving your first single away for free, what would you like to be given for free?
I would like to be given a fully equipped studio in London for free. So I can just produce music for the rest of my life… That would be ACE!!

-Scott Kerr

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