One Week Warning – Time To Leave [Review]

Time To Leave is the first single from Gloucester duo One Week Warning – a single that announces their arrival with some aplomb.

With title track ‘Time To Leave’ Pete Gardner and Chris McCarthy have created an intriguing little world in which fuzzy, dirty bass clashes with big guitar riffs and distorted vocals. The almost breezy synth twists itself around everything and serves to balance things nicely. The most striking thing about this track however, is the way the dance beat jolts along in the background subtly holding everything together.
It really is a curious mixture of styles and sounds that somehow mix together perfectly like the unlikeliest of cocktails.

B-side ‘The Ace’ is an altogether darker, more harrowing affair as disjointed vocals echo like paranoid voices in your head over power chords and a familiar fuzzy bass. It shows another, (even) more experimental side to the boys talents but rightly takes a back seat to the lead track.

All things considered this is a very promising debut which suggests bigger things are on the horizon for these guys.

Time To Leave is out now and you can hear it here.

-David Tinkler

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