AgesandAges [Interview]

Last week we posted a review of Alright You Restless – the massively addictive debut album by AgesandAges – declaring it ‘an early contender for record of the year’.

Since then we’ve had a little chat with front-man Tim Perry.
Here is what he had to say about his band, their record and… ummm, his friends cauliflower genitals!

First of all, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. For anyone who might not have heard of you yet, tell us little bit about A&A.

Well, we have seven people who sing and play and clap their hands and shake, hit, rattle, and break multiple percussive instruments.
We like harmonies and big, epic vocal chants that sound like a giant congregation.
We sing about what it’s like to be here under the radar.

I personally discovered you amongst all the SXSW coverage – It seems you guys created quite a buzz there. How was it for you?

It was total bedlam, but fun. We played four shows in 24 hours, so everything was a bit blurry. In spite of all the madness, there was something very pleasant about it too.
Maybe it was the nice sunny weather, or the good spirits of everyone walking around outside with smiles.
Who knows? Austin is a beautiful town. The shows were great and we all walked away with free shoes.
Tough to beat that.

You have recently released your wonderful debut record Alright You Restless. How have things changed since that hit the shops?

Thanks a lot.
Things have been moving right along with the record. We’ve been getting a pretty positive response and we plan on leaving for a 5-week national tour in a few days with a band called LAKE. After that, probably a lot more touring throughout the year and who knows – maybe we’ll even get to go to Europe.
We’re just having a lot of fun getting the opportunity to play our hearts out in a bunch of different places.

What influenced you most whilst writing the songs for the record?

Hmmmmm… Well, all around me I had been noticing that way too many people were keeping way too many things at arms length; too timid to connect themselves to something wholly and show some enthusiasm.
I wanted to remove myself from this apathy crowd and make something with others who were just as unapologetically excited to be there as I was. As the band started to come together, some imagery began to develop in my mind which became the basis of the songs that we would write for this album.
Basically, we saw these songs as a bunch of separate pieces that, when added together, depicted the collective experience of a group of people who physically removed themselves from the ills of the world and ‘found a place in the foliage’ where they would be free to live how they wanted.
So I feel like this album is partly about escape, but mostly about the excitement of new discovery and the belief that everything is better here.

You have 7 members in the band. Do you think having so many people involved makes the process more difficult? I mean you must have had some major disagreements whilst writing and recording, right?

Scheduling can get tricky sometimes. Aside from that, the fact that we have seven people in the band hasn’t hurt us at all.
I think it really helps that we all feel pretty connected to these songs and that we share a pretty similar level of commitment and a similar outlook on music in general and what we intend to do about it.
In some ways, I feel like we’ve created our own little commune, only ours is a commune shaped like a van and packed with instruments, moving all around and playing shows.

Which do you prefer, writing, recording or playing live shows?

I know this is a boring answer, but I love all three.

Do you have any funny tour stories that you would care to share?

None of my own but I have a friend who unknowingly touched some poison oak on a day off somewhere in Florida and then masturbated shortly after.
A couple of days later, his genitals looked like cauliflower (his words) and he experienced the most unthinkable discomfort for days. The story gets grosser / more hilarious, but I’ll spare you the details.

Which of your achievements to date are you the most proud of?

The one where I got to be in a band with all my friends and play a bunch of songs all over the place.

Where do you hope to be 5 years from now?

Tiger Mountain.

What’s next for you guys, then? I don’t suppose you’re planning to come over and play some shows here in the UK are you!?

Know any UK booking agents?

And there you have it. If you are a booking agent from the UK then get in touch with these guys pronto!

– David Tinkler


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