Friska Viljor – The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End [Review]

Swedish duo Friska Viljor are here to soundtrack your summer – and you don’t even know it yet.

Daniel Johansson and Joakim Sveningsson’s new album The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End – their second to be released in the UK – is a supremely good power pop record that will keep you upbeat until winter rears it’s head again.

Lead track ‘Larionov’ will grab you immediately with it’s insanely catchy melody. It is bouncy, breezy and employs a horn section to stunning effect. It really isn’t surprising that they have chosen this as the lead track but if you thought this would be the peak of the album, then you would be wrong.
Very, very wrong.

‘Malou’ is the most upbeat song ever written about that awkward moment when you bump into your ex and their new partner while ‘Come On’ altogether redefines the word ‘catchy’ and completely sums up the optimistic outlook that these two have on the world; the lyric goes ‘And I like when I cry‘ putting a positive spin on sadness in a way that very few are able.

Elswhere ‘Passionseeker’ sounds like The Flaming Lips circa The Soft Bulletin and ‘Do You Really Think You Could Change?’ could almost be a Gogol Bordello song.

The real genius here though, is in the knowledge that you actually can have too much of a good thing.
Friska Viljor seem to have made a conscious effort not to be all upbeat all of the time.
As such, songs like ‘To Be Alone’ and ‘People And So On’ are more heart wrenching than heart pumping and they serve to make the record a far more balanced and harmonious affair than it might otherwise have been.
It is that balance that makes this such an immensely listenable record as opposed to simply a collection of very good songs.

So if you still haven’t found this year’s blue sky and barbecue record, The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End is out on April 11th and will keep your ears happy all summer long.

-David Tinkler

Friska Viljor – Larionov

To read our interview with Daniel Johansson from Friska Viljor make sure you check back next week.



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