Our Lost Infantry – I Love You Sandra Bilson (The Last Dance) [Review]

‘Darling, this is the last dance / It’s only right that you should spend it on your back.’
That’s not a bad attention grabbing opening line for your new single, is it?

That’s right kids, Our Lost Infantry are back with their new single ‘I Love You Sandra Bilson (The Last Dance)’ and they are still awesome.

The track is wonderfully energetic with the kind of enormo-chorus that will stick in your head for days.
Distorted guitars power it along while, in places, a piano subtly tinkles along in the background giving it an unexpected dimension.

It really is an excellent way to remind people just how very good this band can be.

The other track on offer here, ‘Stalemate’, is not as instant nor is it quite as urgent but it does have some of the yelling that OLI have been known to dabble in on occasion and, coupled with the heavy guitars, is really very satisfying.

Both tracks are available here and considering you can pay whatever price you see fit, you would only be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t go and grab them right now!

-David Tinkler

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