Love Inks – E.S.P [Review]

Love Inks, a minimalist trio from Texas, have released a startlingly good debut record with E.S.P.
The entire album follows the blueprint laid down by the glorious perfection that was first single ‘Black Eye’ and the result is a short, sweet and undeniably charming record.

It sounds, at times, like The XX; at other times, like Yeah Yeah Yeah’s most heartbreaking moments from Its Blitz! but at all times wholly encapsulating.

The simplicity of the instrumentation – very few songs use anything more than a guitar, bass and programmed drums – only serves to highlight further the quality of the songs here. If you can keep things as stripped down as this and still grab – and hold – the attention of the listener, you must be doing something very right.

Sherry LeBlanc’s reverb drenched vocal compliments the starkly beautiful soundscape perfectly, especially on tracks like ‘Too Wild’ and ‘Down And Out’ which are genuine spine tingling moments.

Meanwhile ‘Wave Goodbye’ is sweet enough to give you a tooth ache and ‘Leather Glove’ will break your heart in just three and a half minutes.
They’ve even thrown in a cover of David Essex‘s ‘Rock On’ which really has no right to work but somehow manages to be one of the many highlights on this record.

Coming in at little under the half an hour mark, this record is really rather short and that would usually be a criticism. However, keeping things brief is actually the key with this kind of record where you have to be hugely careful to ensure that minimal sound doesn’t result in minimal interest.

E.S.P is an extremely solid debut record that will leave you head-over-heels in love.

-David Tinkler

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