Katie Cole [Interview]

The wonderful Australian singer songwriter Katie Cole took some time out of her busy schedule to have a chat with us. She pretty much charmed our socks off.
She told us all about her move to LA, how her fans have helped to fund a new EP and, of course, fist-bumping Randy Jackson. Yeah, that’s right. We basically love her.
Here is what she had to say.

Hi Katie, thanks for doing this interview with me. First things first then – tell us a little a bit about yourself.
Well, I was born in the pouch of a large red kangaroo in the bush near an Outback Steakhouse….hahaha.
No. I am originally from Melbourne, Australia but I am living in Los Angeles pursuing my music goals and tour of new hamburger establishments throughout the USA.

Why did you decide to move from Australia to LA?
One of my all time favourite record producers, Howard Willing actually wanted to work with me. Deliberately. On purpose.
You hear about these types of stories, but I now had my very own chapter. I knew of his work with Sheryl Crow, Counting Crows, Smashing Pumpkins and OK GO… and after some logistics were sorted, I flew over to LA to begin this journey.
Two large over-size suitcases, a computer, a guitar and a ton of jet-lag.
Tah Dah!.

And how have you enjoyed living in LA?
It has been amazing so far. The first trip over to Los Angeles, we were tracking songs at the famous Henson Studios in Hollywood. I fist-bumped Randy Jackson.
I have been able to work with some of America’s most noted session musicians; toured with Glen Campbell, Sam & Ruby and Anna Nalick; appeared on national tv; had a national commercial with Movado watches ….and the rest.
It amazes me what I have accomplished as a stranger in a new land.

Your first EP, Lost Inside A Moment, was released a while back. What was the general reaction to that?
Really good. It is difficult to gauge success from any indie record release as how do you determine who has heard your song?
I have a good turn out to my shows in Los Angeles and make regular trips to Nashville for songwriting and gigs too. All the places I go, I promote, sell and give away my music.
If you have a hit song, it will eventually get across onto mainstream radio or iPods, it just takes longer.
I just got my song ‘Lost Inside a Moment’ added to BBC Radio 2 a week ago…so I have to consider that I could have a UK hit before I have one in America. It took almost a year for this.

Is it right that you funded that record yourself? That must have been difficult, right?
Yes, and I had a money man invest in this too. It’s long and complicated. But the days of having one Record label (bank), one manager (direction/plan) and one goal (a hit record) are long gone.
Exposure comes in so many forms in 2011 and I don’t really know what a hit song is any more. If I hear a song enough times on standard media, it is deemed a hit. Did the artist make enough money to cover the record label costs? Probably not.
I have been investing in my career for around 6 solid years and building a strong foundation from the ground up. This is made of real people and a lot of work. Being from Australia, I have more obstacles to tackle too. There are Visa’s to obtain, forms to sign and a lot of red tape to machete through.
This is a not a career choice for the weekend warrior. It’s for Superman, and you better not let that cape shrink in the wash, as you’re gonna need it.
I like Metaphors.

This time out you’re asking fans to pledge money to fund a new EP in return for some pretty cool stuff (personalised CDs, personalised songs, even acoustic shows in fan’s houses). How successful has that been?
My project is 160% funded. Who knew. It was like the little engine that could. It’s been such an eye-opening experience that people can be that generous. I was aiming at $5,000 to record 3 songs with my producer Howard Willing and we have just pushed past $8,000.
This means 5 songs and some left over for touring.
I am almost speechless about this level of support from friends and fans.

Is there anyone who has pledged a crazy amount of money?
YES. I had one backer, who wishes to remain anonymous, pledge a big chunk of change. I sent numerous messages saying “are you sure”. “wow” and so forth.

When are you hoping to have the new EP finished?
I am not sure how long the process takes for the funds to be distributed from Kickstarter.
It could be 30 days… or longer.
Either way… Hoping to have something ready by the end of the summer or early September for release.

Finally then, do you have a message for our readers?
You’re asking me if I want to talk more?
Always. I will spare you this time and just add that I really appreciate any opportunity to share my music and stories with the public.
I have a blog where all the best stories are read. I also have a standard website, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
I am sort of everywhere!

-David Tinkler

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