Introducing… Other Lives

Other Lives are soon to unleash their stunning second album on the good folk of the UK and if you are not yet aware of this band, then prepare to fall head-over-heels in love.

Like many other bands, the five piece – from Stillwater, Oklahoma – work well in the familiar surroundings of their hometown.
‘Stillwater is a small town with a large university in it’ explains frontman Jesse Tabish, ‘It can either be very lively or very sleepy, almost as though you can choose which one you want it to be. To us, this makes it a great place to work on music.’

It is in this small Oklahoma town that they didn’t so much form, as evolve into, a band.
‘It started out with just a couple of us getting together to play music about 8 years ago, then one by one, another person came along to play. One thing lead to another and all of a sudden we were a band.’

And quite a band they became, as well. They released their self titled debut album in the early part of 2009 to much critical acclaim.
Like all great bands however, they didn’t rest on their laurels, instead quickly setting to work on the follow up, Tamer Animals – due out here in the UK this autumn.

The record is a real labour of love for these guys and they seem immensely happy with the result; when asked about his proudest achievements, Tabish keenly announces ‘I would say it was when this record was completed. The sound has a depth of layers made up of classical and modern instruments that are played in both a melodic and textural way.’

Wonderful lead single ‘For 12’ (streaming below) has been met with a tidal wave of praise from all corners, including the likes of Zane Lowe and Thom Yorke, and really whets the appetite.

Even with a new record being readied for release though, Other Lives seem to have one eye on the future – already thinking about album number three. ‘We spent well over a year of our lives on this record so naturally we want people to hear it, but we’re also thinking about what we want to achieve musically on the next record, which isn’t totally clear at the moment.’

So if you like your music to be expansive, genre hoping and, well… completely fucking ace, then be sure to keep an eye on these guys.
You will not be disappointed.

Other Lives – For 12

-David Tinkler

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