The Brights [Interview And Album Stream]

The Brights are a four piece indie group from Essex (yes, that’s right – home of those orange people that ITV2 have brought into your life).
They are just about to release their debut record A Trivial Pursuit and I’m pleased to report it is as jangly and sparkly as Mr T’s jewellery collection; but don’t take my word for it, at the end of this interview with bassist Mark Newton, you can stream the entire record.

How long have you been making music together?

For a short while now, but our sound really came together when Matt (Humphries) joined on drums in 2008.

Who is the main driving force of the band?
We all make a roughly equal contribution to driving the band along and it wouldn’t work otherwise. In terms of the band’s sound, James (Prudence – Guitar) provides the jangle and David (Burgess – Vocals) adds lyrics and melody. Then myself and Matt try and add as much groove as possible.

Your album, A Trivial Pursuit, comes out on June 13th. How excited are you about that?
Very excited as it’s our debut album and effectively it’s our introduction to the world!

How long did it take you to make it and are you happy with the end result?
It took over a week to record the album. However, that excludes the time spent working on the songs beforehand – and the time spent afterwards getting the mixes right. Yes, we’re happy with the result otherwise we wouldn’t be releasing it.

Where will it be available for people to buy?
HMV,, iTunes and Amazon.

Will there be a tour to follow the release?
We’ve just finished a tour to support ‘A Cameo Can’t Last Forever‘, the second single from the album. However, we’re hoping to get back on the road later in the year.

Speaking of touring, do you have any funny tales from any of your gigs?
One occasion on the Continent springs to mind. We managed to spend about three hours squashed in a car loaded with equipment whilst driving round Paris in circles trying to get to a venue which was in fact about ten minutes away. It wasn’t funny at the time, only with hindsight.

And have there been any Oasis style bust-ups?
No, we’re all fairly well-behaved. My attitude is that life’s too short for that nonsense. Unless of course we can get some press out of it, in which case maybe we should be more obnoxious!

What is your favourite venue to play?
We’ve had a few decent gigs at the Camden Barfly, but as long as there’s a decent sound and a non-hostile audience then we’re happy.

Tell us something that nobody knows about The Brights.
Sorry to be a smart-arse, but I can’t. If nobody knew then I wouldn’t know myself!

And finally then, do you have a message for our readers?

No! We’re not trying to change the world – we’ve just got a few songs for you. Check em’ out!


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-David Tinkler

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