Pageants – Interview

A while back we had a little chat with Pageants, an awesome duo from Long Beach, California, who make the kind of breezy, sun-kissed tunes that you can’t help but fall in love with. But don’t take our word for it – at the bottom of this page you can listen to their brand new track ‘Words As Pictures’ and see for yourself.
They spoke about getting the band started, their shows and potential groupies!

First of all introduce yourselves and tell us a little about Pageants.
Pageants is Rebecca Coleman and Devin O’Brien. We have been an active band since January 1st, 2011. We both play guitar and Rebecca sings. We both write the music, but Rebecca writes most of the lyrics.

How long have you known one another?
We’ve known eachother for about five years now.

You guys are a really new band, how have you found it getting started?
It’s been interesting, we went through a few different line-ups before we even played our first show. We like to experiment with different players to see if things click, but we’ve found that we like playing as a duo because both of us are in Long Beach and run on similar schedules. Plus we think it sounds cool. One tough part about getting it going was that this neighbour kept complaining to us when we’d have drumming going on in the garage, and one time she called the popo on us. Now that we’re a duo we just practice in the house…

Some people may know that Rebecca used to play in Avi Buffalo. However the Pageants sound is pretty different to Avi Buffalo – was that a deliberate attempt to distance yourself from the past or did it just happen that way naturally?
It was definitely natural. We’ve always had very separate tastes from Avi Buffalo in a lot of ways, so it was natural that our sound is separate as well.

Why did Rebecca leave Avi Buffalo and what are you doing differently with Pageants?
I left Avi Buffalo because I wanted to do my own thing. Pageants is different because Devin and I write the songs. I never wrote songs for Avi Buffalo, so it’s liberating to do so now.

Has Devin played in other bands too and what happened with those?
I played very briefly in a side project that Rebecca had back in high school called familyblankets. We played about three shows. I also played one show with an experimental improvisational group called Animated Still Life, but neither of those bands were ever actively gigging, so this is my first official band experience.

I understand you have worked with Bobb Bruno from Best Coast. How was that?
We have known Bobb for a while now, pre Best Coast and all, so it was really fun hanging out with him. We asked him if he would be down to record us but we never finished any songs because we all got pretty busy. Hopefully we will reunite and bust out some hot tracks.

When can expect to hear some new tracks from Pageants?
Right now! We just finished a few tracks for what’s most likely going to be a 7″, but ‘Words As Pictures’ has just been released on the interweb.

How has the reaction been to the live shows?
The reaction is pleasant. People seem very responsive so it makes it really fun to go out and play shows. We have some potential groupies that come to every show and we love that.

What has been your proudest achievement so far?
Just becoming a band in the first place and actually having songs to play for people.

Have either of you guys ever entered/won a pageant?
No! I thought about it at one point because I got one of those spammy letters for one. I wondered how I’d do in the bathing suit round though…

Keep up to date with us on Twitter and Facebook.

-David Tinkler

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