Automatic Loveletter – Interview

U.S based rockers Automatic Loveletter have just released their second record in as many years. Currently part way through the Vans Warped Tour, front-woman Juliet Simms was kind enough to take the time out to answer some of our questions.
She talked about the difficulties working within the music industry, leaving home as a teenager to follow her dreams… and ummm, lots and lots of snakes!

Hey Juliet, thanks for talking to us.
Let’s start with a question you’ve probably been asked a thousand times – how did you come up with the name Automatic Loveletter?
I used to write loveletters and turn them into songs… from real love notes!

You’re on the Warped tour again this summer. What is it about the Warped tour that keeps you going back for more?
These people have become my family. The crowds are great. It’s rock ‘n’ roll summer camp with a purpose for spreading real music to the masses.
Also, I am currently writing up this interview and having a dance party on my bus. Ummm ya, awesome!

It’s quite a grueling tour though – a lot of towns, a lot of traveling – how draining can it be on you?
SOOOO draining, but I’m driving and won’t quit… just keep on snaking it!

What is the worst thing about the tour?
Port-o-Potties. Ewwwwww!

It seemed to take forever for your first LP, Truth or Dare to arrive, which it did last year, and now you have a new one out already! What was the hold up on the first one?
It was all major label mayhem. Truth or Dare was a product of too many great cooks in one kitchen – which is the recipe, sometimes, for bland or potent food.
I’m not saying Truth or Dare isn’t something I’m proud of, but it was just dragged out, re-recorded SO many times and dragged through three different labels…

And the new one, The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On, is acoustic – was there any reason why you decided to make an acoustic record?
Acoustic music is my roots. It’s how I started. I felt like I could really express myself and get it portrayed better this way.

Is there a favourite, or a stand out track for you on this new record?
‘Save Me’ and ‘The Curtain Close’ right now.

Now, is it true that you left home at a really young age to pursue your music career?
Yes, it is. I drove across the whole country when I was 16 with a friend. I made my way back and forth between LA and Florida and then eventually, I decided to just stay in Cali at age 17 for good.

How did you cope being away from your friends and family at that age?
I wrote about it. I was lonely and sad but eventually I made new friends. That helped for sure.

Judging by your song ‘Story of My Life’ the music business hasn’t always been kind to you. Would you say that’s a fair statement?
Hahaaaa. You know those horror stories you hear sometimes about the industry? Yeah, snakey… but I am who I am because of it.
I’m stronger, and I really found who I am because of it. Some of my new songs on the new album were inspired by situations that I was in, sort of going mad, and then coming all back together again.

Was there ever any point when you seriously considered giving it all up and just getting a regular job?
Nope. Never. Thank you.

A lot of your songs, lyrically at least, are quite sad. Is writing songs kind of therapeutic for you?
Right on the money, my friend.
I know, I know. I need to write some happy stuff. I’m trying. I think I feel something coming soon!

Now, I’ve read that you’re a pretty big Beatles fan. Who is your favorite Beatle? It has to be Lennon, right?
Duh, silly snake. He’s my hero!

Who else are you a massive fan of?
David Bowie, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Zeppelin, Fleetwood, and more.

Be honest, have you ever set your ringtone as one of your own songs?
Hahaha! Honestly, no… That’s something I would admit to if i did, though.

What’s the best gift one of your fans has ever given you?
Hmmm… I’d have to say the vintage David Bowie Labyrinth t-shirt.

What’s next for you, then?
Hmmm. I’d love to tour this record with an orchestra, hahaha! No, but I would love to get on a great tour in the UK or overseas so I can start reaching the masses. Yeah, that’s what I’d like to be doing next.

And finally, this is the part where you get to say whatever you want to our readers. It can be anything. Go for it!
Thank you to all my Automatic Snakelettes and Snakeletters for loving the new album so much. It truly means the whole snakey world to me. Ya snakes, snake it. ❤



‘Save Me’, the track that Juliet picked as one of her favourites from the new record, is available for FREE download by clicking right here.

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-David Tinkler



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One Response to Automatic Loveletter – Interview

  1. Ali says:

    It is so great to see miss Simms happy and making the kind of music she wants to make. The result is powerful! SAve Me! Great Song!!!

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