Mostar Records Special

Here at TWDTWC we are big fans of the work that independent labels do. It isn’t always easy or financially rewarding to trowel around tiny venues up and down the country in a never ending mission to unearth the best new bands.
So we thought it would be good to give you a little run-down of what one such label has been putting out.

Mostar Records, based in London, has only been going since the start of the year and already they have released a handful of singles by some massively exciting new bands.
Perhaps the thing that we like most about them is their eclectic tastes. The artists on their roster range across all kinds of different genres.
Here we take a little look at some of the best they have to offer.


The Riot Tapes – Photograph.
The first single from the Dublin based band is hugely infectious. Pounding drums and distorted guitars create the soundscape for Elaine Doyle’s perfect vocals to twist around expertly.
Debut singles seldom sound quite as accomplished as this and if ‘Photograph’ is supposed to whet the appetite for future releases, it is safe to say it serves it’s purpose effortlessly.


LickSpittle – Steve McQueen.
LickSpittle’s debut single is practically a lesson in how to make music fun. It’s angular guitars are sharp enough to shave with and the constant bass can only be described as, well… groovy.
It’s not a million miles away from some of Franz Ferdinand‘s better moments and if you like your music with a smile – this is for you.



Smoke Room – Sadly It’s Forever.
With an intro as stark and as mournful as it’s title suggests, Smoke Room’s latest effort burns slow and deep red. The electro outfit have been making gems like this for a while now so it should come as no surprise that they completely nail it here.
Fans of down-tempo electronica will not be disappointed.



SplitSecond – Tremulous.
Fancy a little dubstep? SplitSecond will be only too happy to oblige.
‘Tremulous’ sounds exactly like a song titled tremulous should sound. Play it loud and it will leave your bones quivering and your brain bouncing around inside your head.
You couldn’t really listen to this in your room on a lonely Friday night, but if you’re looking for something to tear the dance-floor up, look no further.



The Future Shape Of Sound – Thinking Bad Thoughts.
Ironically TFSOS are an explosive cocktail of soul and blues which feels very 1960s.
Importantly though, it also feels completely fucking brilliant. Musically it’s as catchy as a cold and lyrically it’s hilarious – a to-and-fro between a preacher and the devil.


All of the above tracks are available on i-Tunes.
For more information on Mostar Records or any of their artists just click here.


Keep up to date with us on Twitter and Facebook.


-David Tinkler

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