MC Lars – Indie Rocket Science [Review]


MC Lars has been in and around the rock scene for a while – even appearing at the debut Give It A Name festival at Ally Pally – with an original approach to his Californian hip-hop.

His fame came from the mash-up of bands he had sampled, naming it ‘post-punk laptop rap’, using Bowling for Soup and Iggy Pop to name a few. A novel idea, of course, but it was the lyrics that captured the wider audience; references with everything from history to day-to-day life littering the narrative.

Indie Rocket Science, however, is something different. This is his label, Horris Records and it’s an intriguing prospect, promising to become – as the press release states – ‘The Official Home of DIY/Punk Culture-Based Indie Rappers’.
Bold I’m sure you’ll agree.

Lars introduces the mixtape with a whole host of MC’s, artists and rappers – even including his dad/California poet/spoken word artist MC Bob Nielson.
Featuring top talent KRS-One, Weerd Science and Essex’s finest Scroobius Pip, the mixtape echoes Lars’ passion for collaboration and promoting the music that he loves.
It doesn’t stop there. With more and more projects like this mixtape lined up, Lars is looking to expand the subgenre of rap that he pioneers.

It is always tricky to cross genres and picking up fans from various music scenes is very difficult, but Lars seems to have developed a knack for it. Tracks on the mixtape like ‘Annabel Lee R.I.P.’ showcase the mixture of lyrics, samples and melody that has endeared this sound across the board. The aforementioned Weerd Science features twice; ‘Industry 1-8-7’ takes on a dirty bassline with typically accessible rhymes (yes I just said rhymes).

While in the UK the airwaves are feeding us the terrible mess that is Cher Lloyd‘s ‘Swagger Jagger‘, it’s nice to know that somebody in the world is promoting some good rap/hip-hop that appeals across genres.


You can download Indie Rocket Science for free right here:

-Scott Kerr


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