Billy Bragg – Never Buy The Sun

Never one to shy away from a political scandal (and let’s face it, that is at least half of the reason why we love him) Billy Bragg has a new song called ‘Never Buy The Sun’

As well as making references to the recent scandal of News International, Bragg makes far more specific references to the city of Liverpool and their 22 year-and-counting boycott of one of News International’s daily papers The Sun.

Many Liverpudlians have boycotted the paper ever since it printed what it claimed to be facts, regarding the behavior of Liverpool fans during the Hilsborough disaster in 1989, in which 96 people lost their lives.
The so called facts were of course, not facts at all and the paper later printed an apology of sorts, but it was a case of much too little, much too late for many on Merseyside and the campaign for justice continues.

With lyrics like ‘…”look, all we’re doing is giving the people what they want” – Well they’re crying out for justice, people crying out for justice‘ and the simple but effective ‘…the Scousers never buy The Sun‘ Bragg – despite being an Essex boy who supports West Ham United – will certainly never walk alone.

The track is available as a free download from Bragg’s website and you can watch him play a live version below.

To find out more about the Hilsborough disaster click here, here and here.

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-David Tinkler



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