Die Pretty – Battle Over Brooklyn EP [Review]

Brooklyn based punk-rockers Die Pretty know how to make a racket, but I guess if you live in the city that never sleeps then you have to be loud to be heard.

This is the Battle Over Brooklyn EP and the title fits the music perfectly. It is loud, bold and hits you from all angles.
Front-woman Sarah Orloff has an interesting range, one minute sounding like Brody Dalle and the next like Debbie Harry – all the while backed up eagerly by distorted guitars and impressively manic drums.

Their most valuable quality, however, is their willingness to dip into the world of pop from time to time.
Don’t misunderstand, they are not exactly going to be on tour with Britney anytime soon, but they write infectious little hooks and big, brash choruses that will bounce around inside your head for days.

Opener ‘Voices’ is a fine example of the perfect punk-pop song. Catchy little riffs dance around over a handful of distorted power-chords while Orloff belts out four different melodies and it’s all crammed nicely into little more than 3 minutes.

This technique serves them well throughout the rest of the EP too.
‘Let Me Out’ and ‘Medicated Nation’ are a little more rough around the edges perhaps, but ultimately both center around their own massively addictive chorus.
‘7th Avenue’ is slightly smoother and softer than what proceeds it but isn’t any less catchy as a result.

For a four track EP this brand of punk-rock works extremely well. Certainly for an album they would need a little more variety to keep it interesting but for now, Die Pretty have slain all before them – the ‘Battle Over Brooklyn’ has been well and truly won.

-David Tinkler

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