Sourmash Mixtape Vol.1: The Walls Are Not Listening [Review]


It’s always weird reviewing a compilation. I never quite know whether it’s best to mention a handful of tracks in detail and then have to miss a whole bunch out altogether, or go through track by track but keep things brief.
…The Walls Are Not Listening, the first in what will hopefully be a long running series of mixtapes from Sourmash Music, contains so many exciting artists that it would be criminal to skip over some of them. Therefore, I’ve opted to run through track by track, keeping at as brief as I can!



Mr Gee, Poet Laureate for Russell Brand‘s Radio 2 show before all of that Andrew Sachs business, opens proceedings with a typically rousing spoken word piece entitled ‘Poetry Of Life’. If you’re aware of Gee’s work then you won’t be disappointed as he paints pictures with his words in that familiar style of his.

London’s very own Breton explode into life next with their dub/dance juxtaposition ‘PACE MAKER’. The distorted, dirty beats are big enough to serve as exactly that.
To contrast the former massively, Stylusboy offers up the gorgeous little folk ditty ‘Whole Picture’ which is all pretty melodies and sweet harmonies – basically ideal music for a breezy summer’s day.

Now if you do not know who Roxanne De Bastion is, prepare to fall in love with this cheeky little dig on the music scene. ‘Indie Electro Pop’ is charming, funny and catchy as hell. She clearly knows her way around a melody but perhaps her greatest virtue is wry lyrics like ‘I’d like to consider myself one of the cool cats / But I don’t know where it’s at / If I’m not where it’s at‘.

Manchester based dance band The Narrows have offered up a remix of their single ‘Initials M.M’ which is all distorted vocals and electro riffs, sounding similar to a lot of Daft Punk‘s earlier stuff.
Nigel Thomas usually sings for London band The Foxes but ‘Stepping Up’ has been lifted from his acoustic solo album Third Movement and captures his indie-pop stylings perfectly with a bouncy chord progression and infectious chorus.

If Ryan Adams-esque Alt Country is your thing then Blind Atlas‘ bitter-sweet ballad ‘Mary Anne’ will bring a tear to your eye – in a good way – right before Underground Heroes jolt you back to reality with their dance-rock-punk crossover ‘Labyrinth’. There is enough energy packed into these three and a half minutes to power a small city for a month.

London based singer, rapper, producer and just-about-anything-else-er Azekel puts all of his talents to good use with his genre hoping hit ‘New-Ish’ which would be very much at home booming out around some of London’s clubs on a Friday night while Sweden’s Charlotte Eriksson calms proceedings with her stunning vocal work on ‘I’ll Never Tell’. If you’re a fan of female singer songwriters with awe inspiring voices, then she might just be your new favourite.

After the sheer beauty of Miss Eriksson, The Fierce And The Dead come along with ‘Landcrab’, a not-so-gentle two minute reminder that turning the amps all the way up and smashing the shit out of your instruments can be fun too! These guys know how to make a racket – and they do it better than most.

Drawing things to a close is ‘The First Of Many Dreams About Monsters’, a hugely impressive 13 minute epic from Spring Offensive that twists and turns and leads you by the hand, taking you with it every step of the way. It is essentially a concept single about the stages of grief and it oozes beauty for it’s entirety – the perfect way to close the record.

So then, if discovering new music of all genres and all styles is something that you’re into – and hey, if you’re not, then what the heck are you doing on this site? – then Sourmash Music couldn’t have made it easier for you. …The Walls Are Not Listening is available for download now.

Oh, and did I mention it’s completely FREE?

Feels like Christmas, doesn’t it…? Roll on volume 2.





-David Tinkler




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