Dead Set Disorder – Zero EP [Review]


Dead Set Disorder – a four piece from Northampton – tell us that they are here to play rock music with ‘an important social message’. Well, it’s about time someone did.

With recent events in mind, it seems like maybe this country is just crying out for a bunch of angry fuckers to hit their instruments hard and sing about subject matter altogether more substantial than the standard ‘why do all the pretty girls ignore me?’
Well the first thing that will strike you about DSD’s debut EP Zero, is that they aren’t singing about girls.

Basically what we have here are 3 tracks, each one a call to arms, an attempt to motivate the masses – or at least wake the lazy shit-bags from their slumber – and all set to some pretty big guitar riffs – just the way it should be.

Opener ‘Rise’ sees vocalist Dan Moloney bellow ‘You are the heartbeat, you are the life-force / You’re in control if you want to be… So rise yourself up, set yourself free.’
A simple but effective message that, when married together with the kind of energy and urgency that they manage to create here, is really rather stirring.

‘Your Sanctuary (Is My Prison)’ sees them break out some serious, meaty riffs while the drums take an absolute pounding – but hey, that’s what drums are there for right? The chorus is as infectious as ever, again using their anger to fuel optimism above anything else, with a call to ‘Light the world again‘. It is the catchiest, and therefore the most instant track here but it’s also heavy as hell which automatically makes it an interesting listen.

Closing proceedings is ‘R+Evolution’ and it’s probably the best track here. It’s fucking brutal (kudos to drummer Baz Woodsford for managing to keep his arms in their sockets during the recording of this), it’s something of a battle-cry too ‘This is a war / You’re on a battle ground‘. But the best thing about it is the good old fashioned cock-rock guitar solo good enough to give Mick Mars a semi.

At three tracks long this EP feels like just a taster of what DSD are all about, like they’re really just beginning to stoke the fire – you can’t help but feel though, that it’s only a matter of time before they pour a load of petrol over the bastard.

Oh yeah, and they are giving it away for FREE at their bandcamp too. Bloody lovely.

-David Tinkler

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One Response to Dead Set Disorder – Zero EP [Review]

  1. Becks woods says:

    Great band and all 3 tracks are amazing!! Just need some serious AirPlay now!!!

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